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Some Mall Updates

New Goodie Bag

for the new pet
[click for items]

To keep the celebration going, the NC Mall has some great news!
Starting Sunday, 11/16 through Saturday, 11/29 at Target stores in the US
get 20% OFF the $25 Neopets Cash Card!

Fortune Cookie Changes:
The Birthday celebrations continue! At the NC Mall, Functional Fortune Cookies just got better.
Open the Faerie Quest, Game, Lab Ray, Training, Upcycle or NC archives Fortune Cookies and receive better chances at ... well, good stuff. ;)
For example, Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies now allow you to get one bonus Faerie Quest a day for 9 days instead of 7.
Upcycle Fortune Cookies now have a lower chance of having you donate 4 NC items.
(That means a higher chance at only having to donate 2!)
These changes, as well as others, will be effective for any of the aforementioned Fortune Cookies opened today and going forward.
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